Starting with our researchers, who have both diverse backgrounds and areas of specialization, our team includes more than 80 members with technical abilities that cover a wide variety of fields.

Shimpei Nagai

Shimpei Nagai

Head of DSOC/Head of Service Development Division

Shimpei joined Sansan in 2007, as the company’s first employee, and worked on development of the namesake Sansan cloud-based contact management platform. After serving as Head of the DSOC R&D Department, he became the Head of DSOC from 2021. He aims to create new forms of value via the intersection of data, technology, and operations, aiming to advance Sansan as business infrastructure.

  • R&D Department
  • Service Development Department
  • Data Strategy Team
  • Creative Group

R&D Department

Masahiro Nishiba

Head of R&D Department

Masahiro earned his PhD from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He joined Sansan after working as a machine learning engineer, product manager, and business manager at a major IT company. He leads a highly skilled group working to create innovation from data collection and processing technologies.

Automation Group

The Automation Group incorporates technologies such as image recognition and machine learning in its aim to ensure unprecedented operational speed, accuracy as close to 100% as possible, and a high level of security. The group streamlines digitization of atypical and analog information, such as from business cards and business documents. The group continues to tackle issues in research and development of automation technology.

Koji Kobayashi


Koji completed his master’s in physics at Osaka University’s Graduate School of Science, where he studied simulations and numerical calculations, after which he worked to develop optical character recognition (OCR) software. Koji worked at Sansan Innovation Lab in Kyoto and is now working in DSOC on R&D projects in image processing and machine learning.

Mutsuki Takagiwa


Mutsuki completed his PhD in Physics at Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science. He is a Kaggle Grandmaster. Mutsuki researches and develops new technologies by applying image recognition technology and machine learning. He is based at the Sansan Innovation Lab in Kyoto.

So Uchida


So completed his master's degree at the Tokyo Denki University Graduate School of Engineering. He researched image generation and conversion using deep learning. Since graduating, as an intern at DSOC he worked in R&D on improving the quality of business card images and optical character recognition (OCR).

Yuichi Miyamoto


Yuichi has worked for manufacturers and advertising agencies on research and development involving image recognition and machine learning. He is continuing his research and development efforts at Sansan, with the aim of further improving service convenience and data conversion accuracy using image recognition. He is also interested in robotics.

Takuya Shiraishi


Takuya earned a master’s in information science and technology from The University of Tokyo. He then worked in the data science department of a systems integration company, doing consulting and systems development while analyzing marketing data and using image recognition technology. Takuya joined Sansan in 2021 and is now working on research and development related to OCR. He enjoys reading research about computer vision.

A number of different staff members.

Data Analysis Group

The Data Analysis Group accumulates and analyzes diverse types of business data using technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and image processing. This merging of varied business data drives the group’s work on building engines for providing recommendations and for news distribution.

Yuji Kasuya


After earning his master’s degree from Waseda University, Yuji gained experience at a major machinery manufacturer. After joining Sansan’s R&D Department, he worked on developing image processing technologies and related data analyses. As a researcher at DSOC, he now uses business card-based data to develop data recognition and discrimination technologies. He is mainly in charge of detecting digitization errors along with name-based aggregation and contact recommendation technologies.

Kanji Takahashi


Kanji completed his master’s in electrical, electronics, and information engineering at the Nagaoka University of Technology, where he specialized in research of natural language processing (NLP), to develop analysis tools and evaluation methods of machine translation. At DSOC, he continues to research NLP to develop areas such as keyword extraction.

Tomoharu Ohsumi

Technical Evangelist, Researcher

Tomoharu completed his PhD in computer science at Keio University’s Graduate School of Science and Technology. He has worked on R&D related to recommendation technology, big data, and machine learning for a foreign IT firm, large-scale manufacturer, and an education-related firm. While working on his current research, he is also raising awareness of the benefits of applying AI technology and data.

Kosuke Yoshimura


Kosuke completed his master's degree in intelligence science and technology at Kyoto University, where he focused on crowdsourcing and its quality control methods and multi-label classification algorithms. He is devoted to advancing the use and application of crowdsourcing and machine learning techniques.

Hiromi Shiozaki


After completing a master’s degree in information sciences from Tohoku University, Hiromi worked for a major precision equipment manufacturer in the R&D of image processing technology using machine learning. She currently works on developing technology that recognizes company logos during the digitization process.

Wataru Hashimoto


Wataru has a master’s in engineering from Kyushu University. He studies the application of first-principles calculations of Bayesian learning, and uses his knowledge to integrate a variety of machine learning techniques into Sansan’s services.

Xing Li


Born in China, Xing Li majored in machine learning, data mining, and high-performance computing during his master’s at the University of Bristol. His graduate thesis was on the sampling methods for generative models. He is now focused on improving recommendation systems using link prediction algorithms.

Taiju Hosaka


Taiju graduated from the Department of Management Systems Engineering, Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering at Waseda University. He majored in machine learning and data mining, and he worked on R&D of distributed representation methods for web browsing history data. He now works on applied research in machine learning technology based on business card exchange data.

Yutaka Kuroki


Yutaka earned a Master of Engineering, Management Engineering at the Tokyo University of Science Graduate School. He has been involved in various analytical projects, such as a bootstrap method of network data and time series anomaly detection. He has received a number of awards, including the Presentation Award from the Japanese Federation of Statistical Science Associations. A Kaggle Expert, Yutaka is now working on algorithms to assist searching for specific people.

Sho Ogaki


Sho completed his PhD in Mathematics at Osaka University, with a research focus on arithmetic geometry. He has been continually involved in work dealing with mathematical models and data science. Before joining Sansan, he developed financial models for financial institutions and worked on proofs on concept with various companies. Sho examines new functions using business network data and is improving fundamental technologies such as keyword extraction.

Shinichiro Saito


Shinichiro has a master’s in engineering from Tohoku University. At Japanese and foreign IT companies, he has worked on proposals, proof of concept, development, maintenance, and operations. His focus has been on machine learning systems for a range of industries, including electricity, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. He is in charge of research and development of auto-recognition of contract data. Shinichiro is also a Kaggle Expert.

Hiroto Suzuki


Hiroto graduated from the Department of Technology Management for Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering at The University of Tokyo, where he majored in network analysis and machine learning and researched the structural analysis of B2B transaction networks. In his current work, he applies information on business card exchanges to analyze the job market.

Itsuki Aomi


Itsuki graduated from the Department of Computer and Network Engineering, Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering at The University of Electro-Communications (Tokyo). There, he majored in mathematical sciences and machine learning, and researched probabilistic graphical models and applications of natural language processing. He now works on R&D for applying machine learning to document data.

Shogo Fujita


Shogo has a Master's in Information and Communications Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. During his studies, he worked on generating function names for source code, extracting appropriate answers for QA platforms, and proposing evaluation metrics for extractive multi-document summarization. With Sansan, he is engaged in research and development on natural language processing.

SocSci Group

This group comprises members specialized in different areas of the social sciences. Its mission is applying social theory as a tactical weapon for expanding the value of business card exchange, both in real and virtual forms. The group works to return the knowledge and results obtained through research to businesses, services, and society. It also actively develops joint research with external experts. Its work is an ongoing building process.

Takanori Nishida


Takanori completed a master’s degree in economics at Hitotsubashi University, where he specialized in applied econometrics and labor economics. He now works on R&D of new services using his economics expertise to create new value from the Encounter Database. Takanori has also taken on projects such as “Dawn of Innovation” (winner of the NetSci Visualization Prize 2019), using art as a vehicle to express and disseminate the meaning and value of encounters.

Tomonori Manabe


Tomonori holds a master’s degree from Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Life Sciences. He then obtained his MBA from the University of Tsukuba’s Graduate School of Business Sciences, where he is working on his PhD. His ambition is to make monumental discoveries and uncover new possibilities for data utilization.

Naoki Maejima


Naoki completed his master’s degree at The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, where he is currently working on his PhD. He specializes in sociology and media theory. Naoki mainly applies social network analysis to study classroom relationships to labor and marriage markets. He is working on R&D to build new services that maximize the value of networks created by exchanging business cards.

Juan Martínez


Born in El Salvador, Juan earned his PhD in economics from Keio University and has previous experience in academic research and back-end web development (Scala, Java, Android) in the fintech industry. His publications include empirical research in the areas of labor, education, and development economics. His current research uses data derived from business card exchanges and applies it to economics, analysis of social networks, and machine learning.

Shohei Usui


Shohei completed his PhD in engineering at The University of Tokyo, specializing in systems innovation. He was then appointed as a research associate professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology. In his current research, he uses computational social science and complex networks to study how human relationships and information flow arise. His focus is now on exploring the human networks created by people exchanging business cards, and finding new value within this area.

Shota Komatsu


Shota holds an MS in agricultural and resource economics from The University of Tokyo, where he focused on development economics and causal inference. Upon graduating, he interned with an international agricultural research institute in Côte d'Ivoire. There he conducted field work and analysis on Sub-Saharan African rice growers and surveys on crop diversification. He joined Sansan in 2020 and is now studying applications of network economics.

A number of different staff members.

Arc Group

The Arc Group works by the twin missions of assuming responsibility for services provided by the R&D department and using data to support and lead DSOC. Through these, it ensures service availability, expandability, and maintainability. While taking up the development productivity of the R&D Department, it also works on maintenance of data infrastructure and quality, while ensuring safety in data handling.

Takahiro Shima

R&D Engineer

Takahiro completed his master’s degree at Future University Hakodate, where he specialized in image processing and digital preservation techniques for conserving archives and historical documents in poor condition. Since playing a key role in launching what is now DSOC’s R&D Department, he has worked with a range of operations, such as designing and developing key system infrastructure, systems management, and systems architecture. He is based at Sansan’s Sapporo Lab.

Shuichi Ohsawa

R&D Engineer

Shuichi has worked as a web engineer on a range of projects, from developing and operating mobile content services, migrating on-premises infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and designing and operating online services created using AWS infrastructure. He joined Sansan in 2015 as an engineer, working on infrastructure operations of the GEES digitization system and striving to improve aspects such as its framework and cloud cost optimization. He has moved to the R&D Department, where he’s involved in design, development, and operation of the services it provides.

Kosuke Takanohashi

R&D Engineer

Kosuke completed his master’s in information engineering at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology. He works in R&D using image processing technologies, and works an architect and at maintaining the CI environment of the R&D Department.

Yuichi Kanbayashi

R&D Engineer

Yoichi joining Sansan in 2016 and initially worked on the product development for the Sansan platform. He then was involved in setting up the company’s first regional product development team at Sansan’s Kansai branch, where he also contributed to the team's wellbeing and productivity by emphasizing psychological safety and self-organizational skills. He moved to DSOC in 2019 to focus on improving the developer experience in the R&D Department.

Tomoyuki Sueda

R&D Engineer

Tomoyuki earned an MS in Frontier Informatics from the Kyoto Sangyo University Graduate School. He focuses on message dissemination in opportunistic networks. He works on developing and maintaining systems created by researchers.

Shodai Suzuki

Data Engineer

Shodai previously worked as a data engineer, analyzing advertising platforms and developing and operating data analysis platforms. He joined Sansan in 2020 and is working to promote data utilization through development and operation of the data analysis platform in the R&D Department.

Koki Nishihara

R&D Engineer

Koki joined Sansan in 2021 upon graduating from the Information Engineering Course, Faculty of Engineering at the University of the Ryukyus (Okinawa), where he worked on combinatorial optimization using annealing algorithms. He is now in charge of building and operating services the R&D Department provides.

Service Development Department

Katsuhisa Mikuni

Deputy Head of Service Development Department

As an engineer, Katsuhisa has worked for a wide range of companies of various sizes. Before joining Sansan in 2013, he was directing web production and related R&D. He then shifted his focus to managing card digitization operations. He is highly involved in new projects, from overseeing entire projects to developing workflows.

Data Management Group

The Data Management Group is responsible for managing operations required to operate the GEES business card digitization system. Based on technology and expertise cultivated through digitizing business cards, the group can also convert documents such as invoices and contracts into data, as well as publicly available information such as job changes, irrespective of medium or format. The group continues its efforts to digitize business information.

Juri Mihara

After graduating from Kansai University, Juri spent 2 years in sales at a food manufacturing company, then joined Sansan in 2015, working in with inside sales, existing sales, and outsourced sales for Sansan’s namesake platform. She moved to DSOC to manage projects based around data utilization and improving the digitization accuracy of non-Japanese business cards by using resources available outside of Japan.

Ayaka Tamura

Ayaka worked in recruitment sales before joining Sansan in 2015, and has since been in positions in various departments including inside sales, sales, and now DSOC. She works on card digitization technology, focusing on quality, cost, and delivery (QCD), among many other projects. She aims to implement widespread application of DSOC’s pioneering technology across different fields.

A number of different staff members.

Digitization Group

In addition to developing the GEES business card digitization system, the JES system for collecting personnel information, and the COE contract digitization system, this group develops a system for digitizing information from various forms of analog media.

Shunsuke Aikawa


Shunsuke has been engaged in development projects in a wide range of industries, such as systems integration, operations, and venture companies. He joined Sansan in 2018 and is in charge of development and operation of the GEES business card data conversion system. Currently, while also acting as a project manager, he handles using GEES and conversion of various forms of information into data.

Daisuke Ito


Daisuke felt a sense of unity with Sansan’s mission of turning encounters into innovation, and in 2017 he joined Sansan after working with a venture company. After working on development of Sansan’s Eight app, he moved to DSOC to help develop the GEES business card data digitization system and the JES contact update digitization system. He is now working toward the launch of the Contract One contract digitization solution. He hopes to advance the business world by bridging gaps between analog and digital.

Yuichiro Kida


Yuichiro taught himself to program and interned at a startup while studying in the Waseda University School of Social Sciences. After graduating, he worked as a systems integrator and a contract-based developer specializing in Ruby on Rails. He joined Sansan in 2018 and has worked on the front-end and server-side development of the Eight app, and on developing the GEES digitization system and managing its operation. He is now focusing on developing new services.

Naoki Yumura


Naoki earned a master’s from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Agriculture. He taught himself programming while he was a student and joined Sansan upon graduation in 2019. He is responsible for development and operation of the GEES business card digitization system.

A number of different staff members.

Nayose Group

Nayose is the recognition of similar data from the same entity. This group works on design, development, and building of a system that identifies person or company information on a business card and integrates duplicate data. Data is also supplemented with relevant information and cleansed. These features are vital for building highly accurate databases.

Shohei Ishihata


In 2014, Ishihata joined Sansan after graduating college. He works on development of the GEES business card data conversion system, working with high volumes of business cards. He is in charge of developing a system that handles name identification, and then using this in Sansan products, aiming for a world where business cards are connected with all business data.

Kenji Kumaie


After working with an IT services company, Kenji joined Sansan in 2011 seeking a company that pursues development. In the Product Development Department of the Sansan Division, he worked on overall development of the Sansan platform through project management, design, development, and operations. Now with DSOC, he is engaged in developing a base system shared by Sansan and the Eight app.

Chihiro Murata


Chihiro previously worked for a software development company, developing web applications based on Ruby and Java. Since joining Sansan in 2018, she has been responsible for the backend development of the business card digitization system, focusing on aggregating all cards belonging to one individual across the database.

A number of different staff members.

Bill One Entry Group

This group specializes in digitization used in the Bill One online invoice receiving solution. While working on rapid and accurate digitization of invoices, the group is building a system that can flexibly scale in line with the distribution amounts that rise or fall each day.

Takahiro Koyama


Takahiro initially worked with a smartphone game development company. He has used Ruby on Rails to develop game Web APIs and in-house systems. He joined Sansan in 2019 and works on the digitization system of the Bill One online invoicing service. He will continue working on development of an invoice data conversion system that utilizes Sansan’s expertise in digitizing business card data.

A number of different staff members.

Infrastructure Group

The Infrastructure Group oversees maintenance and operation of the entire system, which handles huge amounts of business data every day. It works to build DSOC’s activity base by balancing security and convenience and by working to improve cost control and productivity.

Hitoshi Fujita

Infrastructure Engineer

Hitoshi previously worked as an independent system integrator, mainly engaged in building financial infrastructure. He joined Sansan in 2018 and is responsible for developing infrastructure and operating various DSOC services.

Ryusei Fukuda

Infrastructure Engineer

Ryusei graduated from the Fukuoka Institute of Technology Information and Systems Engineering Department. After internships at a range of web service companies, he joined Sansan upon graduation in 2020. He is now as an infrastructure engineer with DSOC, working on building and operating service infrastructure.

A number of different staff members.

Data Strategy Team

Satoshi Haga


Satoshi first worked with an integrated human resources service company, involved in projects such as business integration and building an HR system. He joined Sansan and has worked on data-related business development, including launching multiple new data integration services and entering into strategic business alliances. As the manager of the DSOC Data Strategy Department, Satoshi is in charge of new business development and alliances.

Kazunobu Morimoto


Kazunobu completed his master's in information engineering at The University of Electro-Communications (Tokyo), where he majored in web mining. He then worked for a major electronics manufacturer, in charge of planning, development, and sales of web-based support and direct sales sites. He joined Sansan in 2014, where he helped develop the GEES digitization system and managed the development division. He now works on developing and advancing data strategy using the power of the company’s engineers.

Yutaro Kondo


Yutaro completed his master’s degree at Future University Hakodate. He worked for a major electronics manufacturer, develop middleware, and then joined Sansan in 2017. He designs and develops the base system infrastructure shared by Sansan and the Eight app. Yutaro deals with complex data by fusing technology with operations to address and solve problems.

Naomi Kumazawa

After graduating from The University of Tokyo, Naomi worked for venture companies in IT and human resource services, as well as international organizations. In this capacity, she advanced new businesses and domestic and international projects. She joined Sansan in 2021 because of her affinity for the company’s mission of using technology and teams to change the commonly accepted norms of human connections. To expand data’s potential and versatility in business, she is also a member of the EBPM Support Team, while furthering projects related to data identification.

A number of different staff members.

Creative Group

Naoto Yamawaki

Brand Creator

Naoto has worked for a production and design company, and has freelanced, gaining experience in planning, designing, and directing the production of catalogs, packages, exhibition booths, and websites for a broad range of clients. He joined Sansan in 2018. As Naoto is also a member of the Brand Experience Department, he works side-by-side with many of Sansan’s creative talents, with a goal of improving the brand image and value of DSOC and Sansan.

Touya Harada


After graduating from design school, Touya joined an advertising production company, where he focused on planning and branding for a range of clients and products. He joined Sansan in 2018, and now works for both DSOC and the Brand Experience Department. He applies his inspiration from design and his experiences to expand the possibilities of what encounters can achieve.

Mai Fujikawa


After graduating art college, Mai joined a web production company, where she focused on design and branding for a range of clients and products. She joined Sansan in 2019 seeking to design for all types of media. While also working in the Brand Experience Department, she strives to create better brand experiences no matter what form they are in, ranging from novelties and social networking to office design.

A number of different staff members.